Monday, 27 April 2015


It's been a while, but uni is finally over, so I can now re-organize myself and start updating this blog. Got a lot of personal projects planned for the next few months, so there should be a lot of wips and such to post :).

First project I will be taking on is transferring one of my unfinished locations from Project Courage to a new scene and using it as a blockout for a Last of Us / Walking Dead inspired abandoned farmhouse (interior and exterior). Will be looking to get it done (or at least to a presentable standard) in a bit over 2 weeks, as I want to enter CG Student Awards and the only finished/ polished piece of work I have right now is the Breaking Bad cabin, so obviously need something more :p.

Really excited about this project as I'm a huge Last of Us and Walking Dead fan and I've been meaning to do something similar for a while now.

Here are some screenshots after transferring the scene and messing with some lighting, none of the assets are finished and no proper lightmap uv's so ignore the quality and the bugs. Most of it will be redone/ updated, the current assets will serve well as blockouts / starting points so I don't have to start everything from scratch

Currently will be blocking in the exterior and then look into whether it's worth extending the house before I dive into making/updating assets. It feels a little small and I'd love to extend it more but I'm not sure whether it's worth it :p.

For the lighting, it is all static, I have a skylight and a directional sun light, as well as spotlights by the windows. Also added few low intensity green point lights by the windows to fake some very subtle greens bleeding into the house from the vegetation outside.